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nudist couple in mexico.  We live in a very small town in Mexico called Xcalak.   We are very open and happy people.  We love to meet new friends.

Monday, October 13, 2014

my heart is broken

We had to give up our girls today.  We hand raised our girls from 3 weeks old and put allot of love into bringing up two very sweet and loving Pit Bulls.  I know most people think Pit Bulls are bad dogs.  I know that if there is a bad Pit Bull it is the owner who is bad.  There is no dog on this earth more loving than a Pit Bull.  Our girls are such happy and sweet dogs and would change any ones mind about the breed.   I feel like part of my heart is missing now.  I know we have done everything we could to get them good and loving homes but that is never going to take away the pain in my heart.  When we got the girls we thought that we would be together for a long time.  Bottle feeding them for weeks.  Giving them their shots.  Working with them on how to be ladies. We had 1 year 2 months with them.  They are a very big part of our hearts and having to give them up to go back to Michigan and take care of my wife mother was so very hard.  You must always help family.  We would have taken them with us but my in-law home owners policy would not cover the house if there were Pit bulls on the property.  People really need to know how great Pit Bulls are.  When you raise them in a loving home they are so very sweet, loving and happy dogs.  To ban the breed over bad owners is just not fair to the dogs.  Every dog breed can be bad if the owners is not willing to take the time to train and love the dog.  This is a heart brake that will ease with time but will never fully go away.  I will always worry about my girls and love them.  I will never forgive a world that thinks Pit Bulls are bad dogs.  Today I am hating life and people.  I love and miss my girls Coco-pup and Celee.

Friday, May 23, 2014

up to date

Hello all again sorry for taking so long.  This is just some quick notes on what has been going on.
Had another sail boat hit the reef and sink.  This happens about once a year.  The cut coming into Xcalak is not easy to get in if you do not know how to do it.  The sad thing is that if you call into the town on the radio someone will help you or come and bring you in.

We have new owners of Casa Carolina Ben and Esther. I spent some time with them today and i think they are going to be a great addition to our little town.  I am looking forward to getting to know them both better and helping them adjust to Xcalak living.

Made a new friend named Sarah who is house sitting for Nick and Linda .  Had a great time showing her some of the things we all do to keep our houses in working order.  She is new to this way of life but i think she is a great fit for our town.

Welcome to one and all cant wait to spend more time with you.    As i have said often Life here is not for everyone.  It takes a person with a special personality to handle life at the end of the road.

Update On Coco and Celee.  The girls are doing great.  So full of fun and enjoying a life of new things to play with.  To them everything is a toy even me LOL.  It is always fun to watch them and see the 2 personalities.  Coco is always so happy about everything.  Nothing brings her down for long.  It is just hard to get mad at her.  she just has to much fun with everything.  Coco is the leader.  Celee is the follower.  She stands back and really looks at things she is not sure about. Celee cries if she wants some help or don't like something.  She comes to you if she wants a hug.  She follows Coco everywhere even when she knows it is wrong.  She has such a sweet face and personality it is hard to stay mad at her.  Ok yes we love our girls they are a big part of our lives.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

its a Norte

   Hello again everyone. We have moved into that time of year again "its a Norte".  This time of year it cools off and the bugs come out.  The water goes flat.  It makes for good sleeping as long as you have good screens.  I like this time of year.  We get allot of rain, good fills the cisterns, bad makes the road worse.  The fish are running out by the pier and allot of the town go fishing.  We are coming up on season and everyone is hopping we get allot of tourist this year.  Xcalak if one of the best Fly fishing spots in Mexico.   It is also a great dive location with the reef just off shore.  We have 3 new restaurants here this year.  The Xcalak Lobster House that will be run by the fishing co-op. They tell me they will have a bar too. XTC dive center is opening a restaurant on 2 floors with upper seating area. The building that was the Leaky Palapa has a new owner and has been completely remade, i don't know what the name of the restaurant will be.  I do know the owner had put lots of money in to it and it looks great.  So good reasonably priced food is something we are looking forward to.  Lorrie and I cant wait to have a place we can meet and eat with our friends.  If you want to hang with the Olldhippie you will have to come to one of the new restaurants.  We are looking forward to meeting new friends this season.  My family ask if we are OK all the time.  They see all the BS on the news about how bad things are in Mexico.  Shootings all over the place.  Xcalak is so far away from all that.  The people here so so great.  We have never felt like we where in any danger here.  All we feel is the love from our Mexican friends.  There are some very big guys here who look like they could take you apart. But they are some of the most fun loving guys you would ever want to meet.  i am very proud to call them my friends. They take care of us and would never let anything happen to us.  We love our little town.  So if you have not come to Mexico because you see all the news about killings.  You need to come to Xcalak. Lorrie and I lived in Detroit and man that is a bad place. Anytime we go to the states we cant wait to come back to small fishing village.   Now on to our girls.  They are doing well and growing fast.
Coco pup is such a sweet girl and our guard dog. She has such a deep growl. She is was the runt and is now the bigger of the two.  She loves to hug and lay with us and she is a great bed dog. She get in her spot at the foot of the bed and stays there. She wants to please.
Celee is the queen.  She sit around like she owns the house.  She loves to hug too but she wants it when she wants it.  She has the girly figure and like to take things to play with. She is not a good bed dog.  She feels that the bed is hers and we should move out of her way.

We love them both so much.  Pit Bulls are such great dogs in the way the interact with their owners. The way they watch your face and seam to understand what you say.

So life in Xcalak moves on with us and our girls in tow.  We will always love it here and hope that all of you will come just once to see how life at he end of the road is such fun

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sin Duda Under New Management

After living here in Xalak for so long we have seen lot of people come and go.  There is always some one new every year who is going to move here to live.  Most don't last a year.  See life here is not the Paradise everyone thinks it is.  It takes a very special person to live like we do year round.  But this year we have lost two of our very special long term friends.  Margo and Robert have sold Sin Duda Villas and will be living in Merida.  The new owners are two great friends and we love it that they will be here full time now.  Dave and  Lesley we welcome you with open arms and open hearts.  Margo and Robert (mom and dad) you have been so much more than just friends to us.  You where the ones we turned to when life threw us down and kicked us in the teeth.  you help us when others would not and believed in us even after so many lies where told about us. I know you are still there for us and just up the road (5 hours) but we will miss you so very much.  This town will never be the same without you.  We thank you both so very much for the help and the love.  We wish you only the best and are always here if you need us.   Now don't think that Sin Duda will just fall by the wayside.  Dave and Lesley are very cool and fun people and we are looking forward to see what new things they have to add to Sin Duda and to Xcalak.  We met them some years back as they have been coming down to vacation here. We always liked them but vacationers come and go so often you just start to get to know someone and they are gone. Se we are so looking forward to really getting to know them.  Here is the web site to look at Sin Duda.  It is a great place to stay.  Hey maybe we will get to meet you if you come down. http://www.sindudavillas.com/

PS as for our Mexican Pit bull puppies they are doing great I will post more pics soon

Friday, August 9, 2013

Well time go's on and heals all

Hello Everyone
Well time go's on and heals all.  We have had some hard times but if you stay with it most of the time things will get better.
  We have had friends turn on us for no good reason.  We have had our dog die.  We have had times with no money.   But when all is said and done.  We still love Xcalak.  I am sorry I have not blogged more but I let things get to me.  But in the end there is and has always been me and Lorrie.  We are a team and we do work well together.  I am sorry for all the time and effort some have put into trying to pull us down to their level and it not working.  All i can say is get happy with your self and maybe you can let others be happy.  So many are just so unhappy with their lives and their partners that the only way they can cope is to try and make others unhappy.  Well it did not work.  We love the town and people of Xcalak.  It is just a nice place to live.  The Mexican people are great it is the outsiders with their nose in the air who need to go.  We who live here year round and do not hide in our fortress have a great life here.  OK that out of my system lets say i would love to have everyone come to Xcalak just once and see how simple life can really be.  I have lived in the push button world i worked on computers, I have ran companies. I will tell you this. we make life so hard on ourselves.  We buy into all the BS on TV. You must have this new phone or car or all the other stuff. Living in a town with no phone, no ATM, no 7/11 shit my house I rent don't even have an address.  We get no mail so no bills......well we do get a power bill but we have to go to the western union to get it but it is only about $20 for 2 months.  So what i am saying is life here is slow and ease and there is just a good feeling you get living in a small town of under 500 people.     So if you ever wanted to stay at a place and really really relax you must try Xcalak.  If you dive or Fly fish or just want to walk the beach.  If you want to be nude on the beach we even have a nudist resort.  Life at the end of the road is great has been great for us Olldhippies.
PS we have 2 new girls in our family now.  We got them at 3 weeks old so you know we have had our hands full.   They are now just over 6 weeks old and doing good.
Coco pup

Mexican Pitbull pups

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OlldHippie's Have moved to Sin Duda

Hello friends. Sorry for being away so long. We have had a very bad year here personally. We Quit our job managing Casa De Suenos. We Knew we should have never taken the job in the first place and had turned them down three times previously. But we liked the owners and tried to make things work. After putting so much of ourselves in to the place that we had hoped would be out last stop. We found that it just could not work. So Olldhippie's Casa De Suenos has gone away.  The owners keep asking for more that they knew I could do with the limited resources here.   We are still working on getting back to where we were before. Lorrie is such a very strong woman and can read things better that anyone I know. She keep telling me I was trying to do to much. Her love for me has got me back on track. We are living in town now and will be managing Sin Duda Villas part time. Sin Duda is such a fun and unique place that fits our personality. Thanks to the owners Margo and Robert who are two of the most respected and love people here and who have never lost faith in us. we love them so very much. Our great Mexican friends have invited us to move in to their side of town and are going as far as to build us a house to rent. This is such a great honor as the village has to vote if you can live there. Xcalak is such a great place to live. The love of my wonderful wife and our real friends here has me feeling good about myself again. The pain and hardship I put my wife thur, took such a toll on us and I should never have let the owners of Casa De Senos make me doubt myself. Shame on the bad people of the world who hurt people for profit. Thank God for the love and support my real friends and the love of my life, my Lorrie. Please come and see us at http://sindudavillas.com/

Monday, April 4, 2011

Not much time

so here is a look at some of the things that have happend in the last month. I love living in this small town the girls in town came to dance for us. we love all our girls. The girls made the driver drive all the way up the to Casa De Suenos to dance for us.

Playa Sonrisa has a Blues Night. What a great band and a great night. Thank you Playa Sonrisa Johnny O, John and Dave. Donn dubed them 2 1/2 Johns.

A boat hit the reef on his way out. Not a good thing for the reef or the guy.

Sorry for the short blog but we have been busy with the hotel.